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What draws you to God?

18 Apr

From the pastor…Well, I heard it again recently, namely, the prediction that Jesus is coming back very soon. I believe the real question is not, “Do you believe Jesus is coming back again?” but, “Do you have to be threatened with the world coming to an end before you take your life seriously?” God is Heavenly Father. The breath of life has been granted to us for the purpose of living a Holy life, which is the only way to live a whole life. About that, there are two things I fail to understand. First, why do we put up so much resistance to the will of God in our lives and insist we know what is better for us than our very Creator, who made us to live good lives, not lives of quiet desperation? Secondly, life in relationship with God is filled with promises and assurances which enable is to deal with our common fears, like the fear of rejection, or, the fear of failure, or, the fear of death. Why not just take your life seriously through a solid relationship with God!

Brother Roger