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Mission: Seashell

4 Aug


Just got back from the beach with the family where Ang and I did some walking and seashell hunting. Seashells are hard to find in the dry, bleached-white fluffy sand. This sand hasn’t seen the surf in many days and has been tromped on by many beach-goers. In the hard packed sand near the surf, the walking is easy, but we still found only a few shells. Then Angie started noticing some in the edge of the surf. They would wash up, and if you were very, very quick you could grab or trap them before they were pulled back out with the retreating wave or covered with a fresh layer of sand. Finally I started wading in the calf deep surf. I found a couple of really nice 4” shells, their orange color really popped against the dark kaki sand bottom (OK I watch HGTV sometime).
I started thinking how that whole seashell hunt is how many of us live our Christian lives. We spend an hour or two a week in our Continue reading