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Need More Stuff…

3 Feb

Gota get more stuff

From the pastor…I don’t know who spoke these words, but they cross my thinking from time to time, “he who has little, and wants less, is far richer than he has much, and wants more.” Why is our “want” list so enormous? You know the “wants” of which I speak. Most of us want the kinds of food that aren’t so healthy for us, but we don’t want to exercise, even though we know the exercise will make us feel better. There is just something about us that draws us to want more and more of just about everything that isn’t good for us. The converse seems equally true. The things that would bring us better health, like drinking water instead of soda, get pushed aside so we can fill our voracious appetite for what it is that we “want.” Can you imagine walking into tomorrow asking God for less that you might be richer? Truth be told, by doing just that very thing, we would each know indescribable and inexperienced richness. John Wesley must have been on to something when he encouraged Christians to live disciplined lives.

Brother Roger