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Tools of God

19 Aug

Ran Across this 6 year old draft by Brother Hook that was never posted for some reason…

I was once a member of the first cancer rehab program in the nation. It was understood by members of the team that treatment of the body included important spiritual dimensions, so, as one of the Chaplains at Parkland Hospital, I was assigned to the cancer rehab program. The experience was certainly a learning experience for every member of the group. Deloris reminded me recently of the two doctors who worked with me and others, who asked me to preside over their wedding vows. In thinking about them, I was reminded how far cancer treatment has come since the early seventies. This week a new cancer drug, Cytoxan, was announced as very successful in treating neuroblastomas, an aggressive type of brain cancer. The drug works similar to the human immune system to attack a certain protein, one that is a genetic marker within the cancer. Just as the body can be given antibiotics, which enables the immune system to fight back, some types of cancer can be treated with a drug that attacks the tumor. Interestingly, the development of Cytoxan has opened doors of understanding to most cancers and how to destroy them. Folks, someday soon there will be a cure for cancer. Research and science, much maligned by some religious people, are wonderful tools of God.