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Do the right thing, and then keep it to yourself!

11 Mar

From the pastor…The season of Lent on the Christian calendar has begun.  This past Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of what can be the most important forty days for a Christian.  Excluding Sundays, Lent spans forty days, always beginning on the Wednesday which is forty days prior to Easter.  Because the Sunday of Easter changes, the Wednesday marking the start of Lent changes as well.  Lent is meant to be a time of specific preparation for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  During these forty days, Christians are invited to pray more, much more.  Prayers of penance and prayers seeking the true guidance of God are to be emphasized.  Also, acts of sacrifice and charity are to dominate our preparation time.  The reality of most of our lives is that we’re not keen on the idea of looking at the specific sins of our lives.  Neither are we all that open to self-sacrifice.  So, as your pastor, I hope you will take advantage of the time of Lent to become a better Christian and closer attuned to the will of God.  Do something sacrificially, but be sure to tell nobody.  You will be better for it.

Bother Roger.