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Rescue Teaches

14 Oct

Rescue Begins

From the pastor…I wonder what the combined ratings would show if all the television channels showing the rescue of the first miner from Chile, trapped an half mile underground for sixty-nine days, were compiled into one. Somehow, I think the whole world was watching one news channel or another. As I write these words, fourteen miners have been rescued with high hope of a successful rescue of all the miners. Praise God! Everything about this story, so far, is wonderful. I watched into the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday and the longer I watched the more something stood out. It took the best knowledge and material of so many countries to pull this off. Think about it, when the people of the world work together, and celebrate together, tears of joy flow from all eyes. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish. It took a German cable, U.S. expertise and determination from the people of Chile to save these lives. It was absolutely mind boggling to watch the combined effort culminate in saving lives, contrasted with what we so often see on the news, religious zealots who, in the name of God, celebrate death. My heart was warmed last night. I hope the hearts of those so misled will be touched for good to replace the evil of their hatred. God can do mighty things. We must always hope for peace and good will on earth. Bro. Roger