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Tools of God

19 Aug

Ran Across this 6 year old draft by Brother Hook that was never posted for some reason…

I was once a member of the first cancer rehab program in the nation. It was understood by members of the team that treatment of the body included important spiritual dimensions, so, as one of the Chaplains at Parkland Hospital, I was assigned to the cancer rehab program. The experience was certainly a learning experience for every member of the group. Deloris reminded me recently of the two doctors who worked with me and others, who asked me to preside over their wedding vows. In thinking about them, I was reminded how far cancer treatment has come since the early seventies. This week a new cancer drug, Cytoxan, was announced as very successful in treating neuroblastomas, an aggressive type of brain cancer. The drug works similar to the human immune system to attack a certain protein, one that is a genetic marker within the cancer. Just as the body can be given antibiotics, which enables the immune system to fight back, some types of cancer can be treated with a drug that attacks the tumor. Interestingly, the development of Cytoxan has opened doors of understanding to most cancers and how to destroy them. Folks, someday soon there will be a cure for cancer. Research and science, much maligned by some religious people, are wonderful tools of God.

The Children’s Christmas Program

1 Dec

The Children’s Christmas Program will be during the worship service Sunday December 21st. which begins at 10:50 am. Director Sue Coles has informed me that the practices are going well.  Come and be blessed as the children share their special music about the birth of Baby Jesus.

The Community Thanksgiving Service

1 Dec

We are a thankful people. Almost 250 came to worship despite inclement weather. Brother Bill Sagely  brought a powerful message encouraging us to follow Christ and be thankful that Christ goes before us. After the service we gathered in the fellowship hall for a feast that was enjoyed by all.

A previous pastor needs your prayers

6 Aug

Below was received from an Arkansas conference email. Bro. Charles served as interim between Bro. Wayne and Bro. Blake.

Rev. Charles McDonald, retired elder, has been admitted into hospice care. He and his wife, Lois, are living at Fox Ridge Assisted Living Center in North Little Rock. They welcome cards, calls, and visits. Their address is: 17 Parkstone Circle, Apt. 50, North Little Rock, AR 72116, (501) 801-9725. Please keep the McDonald family in your prayers.

Johns Service Planned

20 Jul

- Picture made me think of Johnny -

Clinton Calvin “Johnny” Johns passed away July 18th.  The visitation will be Wednesday evening at Qualls Funeral Home from 6pm to 8pm. The funeral will be at 2:00pm at this church. He will be buried later at Green Hills Cemetary in San Pedro CA.

Johnny recently sang with the “Waterfall Gang” at CW Perkey’s funeral and really enjoyed it! He also attended church and a fellowship dinner here just a few hours before he passed away.

Johnny was a very sweet and kind man who I enjoyed getting to know the last few years. He was always excited to see you and always asked about the church and your family. Bro. Blake and the youth sang Christmas carols for Dell and Johnny just before Christmas. I’m not sure if Dell and Johnny or their dogs were more excited to see us! Recently, at a visitation for LJ Gay, Johnny and I spoke for quite a while and he shared several stories of his early life and work in California. I wish I had gotten the chance to share a few more, but I’m thankful that he passed quickly in his garden and may even be singing with CW right now.

Please keep Dell and also Johnny’s children, Dennis and Shirley, in your prayers.

Welcome Brother Roger & Deloris Hook!

14 Jul


We want to welcome Bro Roger Hook and his Wife Deloris(Dee) to Cave City! Deloris had Rogers Office ready the first day and the parsonage was ready in the next few days! Roger has preached two sermons referring to separate New Testament texts, but driving toward similar messages. My take was that our acceptance of Gods freely given grace is all that is required for salvation, but the bible is clear that a truly converted life must yield evidence in word and action! Jesus command many things of his true followers and we sometimes treat them as suggestions. Much like Bro. Blake once said, Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said love your neighbor!

We wish Bro. Roger and Deloris the best during their time here at Cave City FUMC! Please stop by and visit Bro. Roger and come hear his sermon next Sunday!

7/11 Service Preview & Calendar

10 Jul

Worship with Song!

I thought I’d post this on for a few weeks. We may post it to the Facebook page instead in the future, but I want to keep drawing people to this Site.

Please take a look at the Our Calendar link at the top of the right hand column on this page. We can post any Church activity. Send a message to the Church email at and we’ll add the event!

Schedule for this Sunday:

Hymn “This is My Fathers World” UMH #144
Hymn “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” UMH #452
Song “Here I am to Worship”
Scripture Hebrews11:1-3, 8-12
Message “One of the World’s Greatest Sermons”
Hymn “Wonderful words of Life” UMH #600

Hope to see you there!

Worship with your mind!

What we really need…

21 Jun

With the impending release of the iPhone 4 and all of the fanatical slavering that typically accompanies a product release out of Cupertino, (and admittedly, my craving for one),  I have recently been thinking about the difference between my needs and my wants.


Continue reading

A billion and a half people…

17 Jun

What if we were as excited to share our faith as we are to celebrate sport?

…all coming together for a single cause.  Countless billions given in the pursuit of one goal.  Lifelong memories of a phenomenal experience.  People desiring to share their story.  I must be referring to the FIFA World Cup!  Continue reading

Stay the Same?

14 Jun

Have you ever wondered what happens when things never change? Well, they ultimately change. Check out this great vid.

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