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Kimbrew Milligan 1922-2014

9 Dec

Megan forwarded us some pictures of Kimbrew to post here.

Kimbrew, not so long ago.

Kimbrew, not so long ago.

Please remember the family as they deal with this loss. Please celebrate the memories we have of Kimbrew and the knowledge that he certainly enjoys the everlasting peace of one found in God.

Kimbrew & Lee Owen


14 Nov


Our Community Thanksgiving Service will be held here on Sunday the 23rd. at 6 pm. Brother Bill Sagely will bring the message. There will be a meal following and everyone is invited. Please feel free to bring a favorite side dish or a 2 liter, etc.

Why breakfast?

1 Jun


Breakfast represents the first nourishment of the day. Likewise, we hope that by cooking, eating and cleaning together and often, the bond of community and church family will be nourished, with relationships growing deeper and richer. Jesus and the early church exemplified this by living and working almost entirely in common. They shared almost everything, somewhat out of necessity and safety, but also because the great and difficult work of the church required the support of a loving community. From the beginning, God called his people into families and communities that share their faith and live their lives in common.  Two thousand and some years later, our society is wealthy, safe and technologically advanced, well beyond the imagination of those first Christians. A consequence, intended or not, is that our physical needs can be met living almost in total independence or isolation. And yet, much of the world is suffering from a hunger that cannot be satisfied by solitary means. Our avarice consumption of most everything to satisfy that hunger only leaves us with the hangover of loneliness, despair and low self-worth, and we soon are hungry again.  Can the Church be a better example for the world than the constant and hypnotic siren song that promotes and idolizes exuberant self-pride and independence? If so, we must reject our desire for a numbing, consumerized church model that is, at best, of moderate significance to its members and even less to the communities that surround it. We must reclaim our own sense of a humble, loving and interdependent community of worshipers. It has taken  long time for us to reach this state  and may take a long time to reclaim the spirit that began that first Pentecost, but God is patient. Can we start by sharing breakfast Sunday mornings at 9:30?

We’d LOVE for you to be our Valentine!

9 Feb
Looks like we're in this together!

Looks like we’re in this together!

We hope all friends, family and guest will make it to our annual Valentines Banquet this Sunday evening at 6:00pm. You will enjoy a Candle light dinner with soft music, some fun games and our traditional Spaghetti Dinner menu.

This meal is traditionally served by our young people. This a time when they put the adults first and take on a servants heart. This tradition was started in the old church in the mid 90’s. It eventually became the Valentines banquet.

In today’s modern world, much of the emphasis of Valentines seems to marketed toward Eros or sensual love, and we certainly appreciate this gift from God. However as a community we especially cherish and celebrate  agape love; a love of action or sacrifice that God demonstrates toward us, especially through his son Jesus, who made the greatest sacrifice for us.  When we reflect agape love back toward God, our spouses, children and very close relations, it is because God first loved us in this way and calls us to do the same. Philia love is vital for the more peaceful world that we are all longing for. This is the love of warm friendships and affections we have within our communities and beyond. This form of love is demonstrated by our empathy and sorrow we feel as we see others suffer, and the joy and smiles we have as they conquer their struggles.


Please leave your struggles, cares and sorrows at the door and come enjoy a relaxing time of fellowship with family and friends!

Owen Jack (Folksy) Laman

26 Jan

FolksyDear Friends and church family,

Folksy now celebrates eternal rest with Jesus.  The visitation and funeral will be at Cave City United Methodist Church. Visitation is Sunday night from 5pm -7pm. The funeral service will be at 10:00am Monday.

Day's end in God's Beauty.copyright Rodney Steele

Day’s end in God’s Beauty.
copyright Rodney Steele

Please pray for God’s comfort for all friends and family.

Peace in Christ


Nursing Home Service

30 Nov

Please come join us at the Cave City Nursing home for our Outreach Service. The Service will begin at 2:00PM this Sunday, December 5th, and last about 40 minutes!

Community Revival!

18 Sep

The Ministerial Alliance, an ecuminical group of pastors from several community churches, has planned the annual Community Revival for September 19 through September 22. This is a great time for us to come together in unity and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ! This year all of the revival services will be held in the First Assembly of God family center. I am not certain who is preaching each night, but Brother Roger Hook will give the message on Monday evening. The schedule of services is listed below. Please make an effort to attend every night that you can! I’m sure you’ll be blessed by the messages, music or fellowship!

9/19 6:00PM
9/20 7:00PM
9/21 7:00PM
9/22 7:00PM

Special Evening Service Tonight!

22 Aug


Be sure to come to our special evening service tonight at 6:00pm. David Bush will deliver the message. Jess and Debbie from Dewitt will offer us special music. Please Come!

CW Perkey

29 Jun

Just to let folks know that CW Perkey passed away early this morning.  The service will be is at 2:00pm Friday. Other details will be posted later Today

Please keep Wanda,  Gary and the extended family in your prayers. We mourn with them in their loss, but celebrate CW’s gain and the cherished memories of our lives with him.