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Rescue Teaches

14 Oct

Rescue Begins

From the pastor…I wonder what the combined ratings would show if all the television channels showing the rescue of the first miner from Chile, trapped an half mile underground for sixty-nine days, were compiled into one. Somehow, I think the whole world was watching one news channel or another. As I write these words, fourteen miners have been rescued with high hope of a successful rescue of all the miners. Praise God! Everything about this story, so far, is wonderful. I watched into the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday and the longer I watched the more something stood out. It took the best knowledge and material of so many countries to pull this off. Think about it, when the people of the world work together, and celebrate together, tears of joy flow from all eyes. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish. It took a German cable, U.S. expertise and determination from the people of Chile to save these lives. It was absolutely mind boggling to watch the combined effort culminate in saving lives, contrasted with what we so often see on the news, religious zealots who, in the name of God, celebrate death. My heart was warmed last night. I hope the hearts of those so misled will be touched for good to replace the evil of their hatred. God can do mighty things. We must always hope for peace and good will on earth. Bro. Roger


Anticipating Fall

29 Sep


From the pastor…I look forward to many things. Anticipation is vital to me. For example, during the hot, humid days of summertime I start thinking about Fall. Cooler temperatures and shorter days are inviting as I listen to the hum of air conditioning units and wait past nine o’clock for the daytime light to give way to darkness. Well, Fall has finally arrived, though the cooler temperatures are lagging a bit behind. Soon the Fall colors will change in earnest. The leaves that have adeptly shaded the forest floor will drift to the ground and the trees will prepare for their dormant stage, a necessary part of the cycle, one that awaits the growth of Spring. God teaches us so much through nature’s cycle. We learn the importance of patience, so essential in tempering anticipation. I’ve often said it is a good thing, during summertime that I can’t move the calendar forward to the next season because I might give up much of my life. Patience is important. So is the equivalency of dormancy. You and I need time to prepare for the next stage of life. God provides the avenue for all who capitalize on the opportunity. I hope you enjoy Fall. I certainly will.

Bro. Roger

Community Revival!

18 Sep

The Ministerial Alliance, an ecuminical group of pastors from several community churches, has planned the annual Community Revival for September 19 through September 22. This is a great time for us to come together in unity and worship our Lord, Jesus Christ! This year all of the revival services will be held in the First Assembly of God family center. I am not certain who is preaching each night, but Brother Roger Hook will give the message on Monday evening. The schedule of services is listed below. Please make an effort to attend every night that you can! I’m sure you’ll be blessed by the messages, music or fellowship!

9/19 6:00PM
9/20 7:00PM
9/21 7:00PM
9/22 7:00PM

Special Evening Service Tonight!

22 Aug


Be sure to come to our special evening service tonight at 6:00pm. David Bush will deliver the message. Jess and Debbie from Dewitt will offer us special music. Please Come!

Mission: Seashell

4 Aug


Just got back from the beach with the family where Ang and I did some walking and seashell hunting. Seashells are hard to find in the dry, bleached-white fluffy sand. This sand hasn’t seen the surf in many days and has been tromped on by many beach-goers. In the hard packed sand near the surf, the walking is easy, but we still found only a few shells. Then Angie started noticing some in the edge of the surf. They would wash up, and if you were very, very quick you could grab or trap them before they were pulled back out with the retreating wave or covered with a fresh layer of sand. Finally I started wading in the calf deep surf. I found a couple of really nice 4” shells, their orange color really popped against the dark kaki sand bottom (OK I watch HGTV sometime).
I started thinking how that whole seashell hunt is how many of us live our Christian lives. We spend an hour or two a week in our Continue reading

Johns Service Planned

20 Jul

- Picture made me think of Johnny -

Clinton Calvin “Johnny” Johns passed away July 18th.  The visitation will be Wednesday evening at Qualls Funeral Home from 6pm to 8pm. The funeral will be at 2:00pm at this church. He will be buried later at Green Hills Cemetary in San Pedro CA.

Johnny recently sang with the “Waterfall Gang” at CW Perkey’s funeral and really enjoyed it! He also attended church and a fellowship dinner here just a few hours before he passed away.

Johnny was a very sweet and kind man who I enjoyed getting to know the last few years. He was always excited to see you and always asked about the church and your family. Bro. Blake and the youth sang Christmas carols for Dell and Johnny just before Christmas. I’m not sure if Dell and Johnny or their dogs were more excited to see us! Recently, at a visitation for LJ Gay, Johnny and I spoke for quite a while and he shared several stories of his early life and work in California. I wish I had gotten the chance to share a few more, but I’m thankful that he passed quickly in his garden and may even be singing with CW right now.

Please keep Dell and also Johnny’s children, Dennis and Shirley, in your prayers.

Welcome Brother Roger & Deloris Hook!

14 Jul


We want to welcome Bro Roger Hook and his Wife Deloris(Dee) to Cave City! Deloris had Rogers Office ready the first day and the parsonage was ready in the next few days! Roger has preached two sermons referring to separate New Testament texts, but driving toward similar messages. My take was that our acceptance of Gods freely given grace is all that is required for salvation, but the bible is clear that a truly converted life must yield evidence in word and action! Jesus command many things of his true followers and we sometimes treat them as suggestions. Much like Bro. Blake once said, Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said love your neighbor!

We wish Bro. Roger and Deloris the best during their time here at Cave City FUMC! Please stop by and visit Bro. Roger and come hear his sermon next Sunday!

7/11 Service Preview & Calendar

10 Jul

Worship with Song!

I thought I’d post this on for a few weeks. We may post it to the Facebook page instead in the future, but I want to keep drawing people to this Site.

Please take a look at the Our Calendar link at the top of the right hand column on this page. We can post any Church activity. Send a message to the Church email at and we’ll add the event!

Schedule for this Sunday:

Hymn “This is My Fathers World” UMH #144
Hymn “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” UMH #452
Song “Here I am to Worship”
Scripture Hebrews11:1-3, 8-12
Message “One of the World’s Greatest Sermons”
Hymn “Wonderful words of Life” UMH #600

Hope to see you there!

Worship with your mind!

Celebration of a life Begining!

5 Jul

Maeve bundled up!

Maeve Catherine Langston

Born 5 July @11:54am. 8 lbs 12 ozs, 20 inches. At the time of this post, mom and baby are fine!

Congratulations to Brother Blake, Amanda & Muirenn!

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Celebration of a life well lived!

3 Jul

Charles William "CW" Perkey

We had a wonderful celebration today of the life of Charles William “CW” Perkey!  Brother Roger Hook officiated the service in a briming-full sanctuary.

The congregation sang two of CW’s favorites, “When all of God’s Singers Get Home” and “What a meeting in the Air”.

The mens group, The Waterfall Gang, offered the hymn “Where the Soul Never Dies”. CW sang with this group many times over the years and we appreciate the many singers that returned to pay tribute to him in song.

An ecumenical choir offered two more of CW’s favorites “O Come Angel Band” and “Amazing Grace”.

CW grew up west of Hickory Valley attended Hickory Valley or this church most of his life I believe. His church family, his wife Wanda and son Gary will surely miss him, but I know they’re comforted that he is in the arms Jesus along with their daughter Rita, who passed away 7 years ago.

I’ve known CW for many years. His daughter, Rita, and I were in the same class together, had a “first Date” together and graduated good friends in 1980. When my family and I started Continue reading