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Tools of God

19 Aug

Ran Across this 6 year old draft by Brother Hook that was never posted for some reason…

I was once a member of the first cancer rehab program in the nation. It was understood by members of the team that treatment of the body included important spiritual dimensions, so, as one of the Chaplains at Parkland Hospital, I was assigned to the cancer rehab program. The experience was certainly a learning experience for every member of the group. Deloris reminded me recently of the two doctors who worked with me and others, who asked me to preside over their wedding vows. In thinking about them, I was reminded how far cancer treatment has come since the early seventies. This week a new cancer drug, Cytoxan, was announced as very successful in treating neuroblastomas, an aggressive type of brain cancer. The drug works similar to the human immune system to attack a certain protein, one that is a genetic marker within the cancer. Just as the body can be given antibiotics, which enables the immune system to fight back, some types of cancer can be treated with a drug that attacks the tumor. Interestingly, the development of Cytoxan has opened doors of understanding to most cancers and how to destroy them. Folks, someday soon there will be a cure for cancer. Research and science, much maligned by some religious people, are wonderful tools of God.

Why breakfast?

1 Jun


Breakfast represents the first nourishment of the day. Likewise, we hope that by cooking, eating and cleaning together and often, the bond of community and church family will be nourished, with relationships growing deeper and richer. Jesus and the early church exemplified this by living and working almost entirely in common. They shared almost everything, somewhat out of necessity and safety, but also because the great and difficult work of the church required the support of a loving community. From the beginning, God called his people into families and communities that share their faith and live their lives in common.  Two thousand and some years later, our society is wealthy, safe and technologically advanced, well beyond the imagination of those first Christians. A consequence, intended or not, is that our physical needs can be met living almost in total independence or isolation. And yet, much of the world is suffering from a hunger that cannot be satisfied by solitary means. Our avarice consumption of most everything to satisfy that hunger only leaves us with the hangover of loneliness, despair and low self-worth, and we soon are hungry again.  Can the Church be a better example for the world than the constant and hypnotic siren song that promotes and idolizes exuberant self-pride and independence? If so, we must reject our desire for a numbing, consumerized church model that is, at best, of moderate significance to its members and even less to the communities that surround it. We must reclaim our own sense of a humble, loving and interdependent community of worshipers. It has taken  long time for us to reach this state  and may take a long time to reclaim the spirit that began that first Pentecost, but God is patient. Can we start by sharing breakfast Sunday mornings at 9:30?

We’d LOVE for you to be our Valentine!

9 Feb
Looks like we're in this together!

Looks like we’re in this together!

We hope all friends, family and guest will make it to our annual Valentines Banquet this Sunday evening at 6:00pm. You will enjoy a Candle light dinner with soft music, some fun games and our traditional Spaghetti Dinner menu.

This meal is traditionally served by our young people. This a time when they put the adults first and take on a servants heart. This tradition was started in the old church in the mid 90’s. It eventually became the Valentines banquet.

In today’s modern world, much of the emphasis of Valentines seems to marketed toward Eros or sensual love, and we certainly appreciate this gift from God. However as a community we especially cherish and celebrate  agape love; a love of action or sacrifice that God demonstrates toward us, especially through his son Jesus, who made the greatest sacrifice for us.  When we reflect agape love back toward God, our spouses, children and very close relations, it is because God first loved us in this way and calls us to do the same. Philia love is vital for the more peaceful world that we are all longing for. This is the love of warm friendships and affections we have within our communities and beyond. This form of love is demonstrated by our empathy and sorrow we feel as we see others suffer, and the joy and smiles we have as they conquer their struggles.


Please leave your struggles, cares and sorrows at the door and come enjoy a relaxing time of fellowship with family and friends!

Owen Jack (Folksy) Laman

26 Jan

FolksyDear Friends and church family,

Folksy now celebrates eternal rest with Jesus.  The visitation and funeral will be at Cave City United Methodist Church. Visitation is Sunday night from 5pm -7pm. The funeral service will be at 10:00am Monday.

Day's end in God's Beauty.copyright Rodney Steele

Day’s end in God’s Beauty.
copyright Rodney Steele

Please pray for God’s comfort for all friends and family.

Peace in Christ


Rev. Charles MacDonald

8 Sep

We received the message below from the Arkansas Conference. Remember he was our interim pastor between Bro. Wayne and Bro. Blake

The memorial service for Rev. Charles P. McDonald will be held at First United Methodist Church, Conway, on Saturday, September 15, at 11:00 a.m. Please continue to pray for the McDonald family.

A previous pastor needs your prayers

6 Aug

Below was received from an Arkansas conference email. Bro. Charles served as interim between Bro. Wayne and Bro. Blake.

Rev. Charles McDonald, retired elder, has been admitted into hospice care. He and his wife, Lois, are living at Fox Ridge Assisted Living Center in North Little Rock. They welcome cards, calls, and visits. Their address is: 17 Parkstone Circle, Apt. 50, North Little Rock, AR 72116, (501) 801-9725. Please keep the McDonald family in your prayers.

What draws you to God?

18 Apr

From the pastor…Well, I heard it again recently, namely, the prediction that Jesus is coming back very soon. I believe the real question is not, “Do you believe Jesus is coming back again?” but, “Do you have to be threatened with the world coming to an end before you take your life seriously?” God is Heavenly Father. The breath of life has been granted to us for the purpose of living a Holy life, which is the only way to live a whole life. About that, there are two things I fail to understand. First, why do we put up so much resistance to the will of God in our lives and insist we know what is better for us than our very Creator, who made us to live good lives, not lives of quiet desperation? Secondly, life in relationship with God is filled with promises and assurances which enable is to deal with our common fears, like the fear of rejection, or, the fear of failure, or, the fear of death. Why not just take your life seriously through a solid relationship with God!

Brother Roger

Do the right thing, and then keep it to yourself!

11 Mar

From the pastor…The season of Lent on the Christian calendar has begun.  This past Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of what can be the most important forty days for a Christian.  Excluding Sundays, Lent spans forty days, always beginning on the Wednesday which is forty days prior to Easter.  Because the Sunday of Easter changes, the Wednesday marking the start of Lent changes as well.  Lent is meant to be a time of specific preparation for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  During these forty days, Christians are invited to pray more, much more.  Prayers of penance and prayers seeking the true guidance of God are to be emphasized.  Also, acts of sacrifice and charity are to dominate our preparation time.  The reality of most of our lives is that we’re not keen on the idea of looking at the specific sins of our lives.  Neither are we all that open to self-sacrifice.  So, as your pastor, I hope you will take advantage of the time of Lent to become a better Christian and closer attuned to the will of God.  Do something sacrificially, but be sure to tell nobody.  You will be better for it.

Bother Roger.

Need More Stuff…

3 Feb

Gota get more stuff

From the pastor…I don’t know who spoke these words, but they cross my thinking from time to time, “he who has little, and wants less, is far richer than he has much, and wants more.” Why is our “want” list so enormous? You know the “wants” of which I speak. Most of us want the kinds of food that aren’t so healthy for us, but we don’t want to exercise, even though we know the exercise will make us feel better. There is just something about us that draws us to want more and more of just about everything that isn’t good for us. The converse seems equally true. The things that would bring us better health, like drinking water instead of soda, get pushed aside so we can fill our voracious appetite for what it is that we “want.” Can you imagine walking into tomorrow asking God for less that you might be richer? Truth be told, by doing just that very thing, we would each know indescribable and inexperienced richness. John Wesley must have been on to something when he encouraged Christians to live disciplined lives.

Brother Roger

Nursing Home Service

30 Nov

Please come join us at the Cave City Nursing home for our Outreach Service. The Service will begin at 2:00PM this Sunday, December 5th, and last about 40 minutes!