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What we really need…

21 Jun

With the impending release of the iPhone 4 and all of the fanatical slavering that typically accompanies a product release out of Cupertino, (and admittedly, my craving for one),  I have recently been thinking about the difference between my needs and my wants.


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A billion and a half people…

17 Jun

What if we were as excited to share our faith as we are to celebrate sport?

…all coming together for a single cause.  Countless billions given in the pursuit of one goal.  Lifelong memories of a phenomenal experience.  People desiring to share their story.  I must be referring to the FIFA World Cup!  Continue reading

The challenge of obedience…

15 Jun

Would we be so bold in our faith?

I just finished watching the episode of “The Tudors” where St. Thomas More was beheaded for stubbornly refusing to accept the sovereignty of Henry over the Church. Prior to his death, Cardinal John Fisher was likewise executed for his refusal to yield to the king’s demands. These scenes of brave men giving their own lives for their belief in the Church caused me to reflect on the lives of the saints and martyrs. Continue reading