We’d LOVE for you to be our Valentine!

9 Feb
Looks like we're in this together!

Looks like we’re in this together!

We hope all friends, family and guest will make it to our annual Valentines Banquet this Sunday evening at 6:00pm. You will enjoy a Candle light dinner with soft music, some fun games and our traditional Spaghetti Dinner menu.

This meal is traditionally served by our young people. This a time when they put the adults first and take on a servants heart. This tradition was started in the old church in the mid 90’s. It eventually became the Valentines banquet.

In today’s modern world, much of the emphasis of Valentines seems to marketed toward Eros or sensual love, and we certainly appreciate this gift from God. However as a community we especially cherish and celebrate  agape love; a love of action or sacrifice that God demonstrates toward us, especially through his son Jesus, who made the greatest sacrifice for us.  When we reflect agape love back toward God, our spouses, children and very close relations, it is because God first loved us in this way and calls us to do the same. Philia love is vital for the more peaceful world that we are all longing for. This is the love of warm friendships and affections we have within our communities and beyond. This form of love is demonstrated by our empathy and sorrow we feel as we see others suffer, and the joy and smiles we have as they conquer their struggles.


Please leave your struggles, cares and sorrows at the door and come enjoy a relaxing time of fellowship with family and friends!

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