Anticipating Fall

29 Sep


From the pastor…I look forward to many things. Anticipation is vital to me. For example, during the hot, humid days of summertime I start thinking about Fall. Cooler temperatures and shorter days are inviting as I listen to the hum of air conditioning units and wait past nine o’clock for the daytime light to give way to darkness. Well, Fall has finally arrived, though the cooler temperatures are lagging a bit behind. Soon the Fall colors will change in earnest. The leaves that have adeptly shaded the forest floor will drift to the ground and the trees will prepare for their dormant stage, a necessary part of the cycle, one that awaits the growth of Spring. God teaches us so much through nature’s cycle. We learn the importance of patience, so essential in tempering anticipation. I’ve often said it is a good thing, during summertime that I can’t move the calendar forward to the next season because I might give up much of my life. Patience is important. So is the equivalency of dormancy. You and I need time to prepare for the next stage of life. God provides the avenue for all who capitalize on the opportunity. I hope you enjoy Fall. I certainly will.

Bro. Roger

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