Celebration of a life well lived!

3 Jul

Charles William "CW" Perkey

We had a wonderful celebration today of the life of Charles William “CW” Perkey!  Brother Roger Hook officiated the service in a briming-full sanctuary.

The congregation sang two of CW’s favorites, “When all of God’s Singers Get Home” and “What a meeting in the Air”.

The mens group, The Waterfall Gang, offered the hymn “Where the Soul Never Dies”. CW sang with this group many times over the years and we appreciate the many singers that returned to pay tribute to him in song.

An ecumenical choir offered two more of CW’s favorites “O Come Angel Band” and “Amazing Grace”.

CW grew up west of Hickory Valley attended Hickory Valley or this church most of his life I believe. His church family, his wife Wanda and son Gary will surely miss him, but I know they’re comforted that he is in the arms Jesus along with their daughter Rita, who passed away 7 years ago.

I’ve known CW for many years. His daughter, Rita, and I were in the same class together, had a “first Date” together and graduated good friends in 1980. When my family and I started going to church here in the early 1990’s, CW made a special effort every Sunday to come and give us all big grins and handshakes, telling us how much he appreciated us being there.  I was invited by Duane Anderson to sing with the waterfall gang from time to time and CW always sang with us. He loved all of “us guys” singing together and was always joking and kidding around, always smiling and laughing. CW played a big role in the monthly men’s breakfast and this was another great place for some “guy time”. Even though CW was a country boy who loved to kid and joke around, he was also a class act, wearing a coat and tie to church every Sunday and taking serious our call to love those less fortunate.

I learned a lot about being a faithful, useful and caring Christian and Church member from CW. Even though I’m saddened by my loss, I have to smile at the thought of  his increase  last Tuesday and at how lucky I am to have shared some of my life with CW.  “Peace be with you till we meet again”

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One Response to “Celebration of a life well lived!”

  1. Nancy July 3, 2010 at 3:17 pm #

    Very well written, Reid!!! C.W. was indeed a very special man who made everyone feel welcomed and comfortable at church and in his home. I shall miss him, as I miss Rita, very much!!

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