A billion and a half people…

17 Jun

What if we were as excited to share our faith as we are to celebrate sport?

…all coming together for a single cause.  Countless billions given in the pursuit of one goal.  Lifelong memories of a phenomenal experience.  People desiring to share their story.  I must be referring to the FIFA World Cup!  I caught this clip in an article on a World Cup blog…  “If you are swiveling around in your computer chair distractedly waiting for Friday’s games you are not alone. An estimated 1.5 billion people are expected to view Germany’s match against Costa Rica. That’s more than 20% of the world’s population tuning in just for a game that isn’t really one of the marquee matches in the opening round.”  Wow, 1.5 billion people following something that “isn’t really one of the marquee matches in the opening round.”  It has been predicted that a little over 2 billion would tune in for one of the marquee match ups.   Over two billion…let that sink in for a minute.   Two, followed by nine zeroes (2,000,000,000)–approaching a third of the world’s total population!

Many modern estimates place the number of Christians in the world at almost the same number.  How would our world be reshaped if that same number of people calling themselves Christians united and sought after a single cause.  Countless billions given would alleviate an extraordinary amount of suffering, poverty, disease, and starvation.  Lifelong memories would not be of a game, but of people living their lives  seeking out new and profound ways to love each other.  Sharing their story?  If a simple game can inspire us to share our stories, how much more would we desire to share if we took seriously the call to love each other with our entire being–heart, mind, soul, and strength?

Those fans in the picture, they want you to know who it is they represent.  Make no mistake, the chants of USA! USA! USA! will echo in whatever arena of sport they enter.  Their ardent support will be no mystery to those around them.  Why?  Because they love it.  What if we were that eager to represent the love of God to all people?   What can we do today for the “least of these” that will let everyone know who it is we represent?

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One Response to “A billion and a half people…”

  1. Mary Ann Motter June 17, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    What a world this would be. Imagine that.
    I want to be a part of that world.
    Good reading and writing my friend.

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